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Emergency Response Kit

Emergency Response Kit

The CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Starter Kit is an integral part of any emergency preparedness plan.

When massive disasters strike, the task of saving lives and keeping your families, coworkers and neighbors safe often falls upon the shoulders of spontaneous volunteers.

There are numerous factors that can contribute to a situation where civilians are unable to receive the immediate help and services they would normally expect from 911. An overwhelming number of victims, blocked roads, impaired communication and other contributors may prevent help from arriving for hours or even days. When events like this have occurred in the past, many neighbors and community members stepped up and helped their fellow citizens. But without the proper training and equipment, these well-meaning volunteers can often find themselves in danger and may end up sacrificing their own lives to save others.

The CERT Starter Kit aims to fill this gap so less lives must be lost and the valiant efforts of spontaneous volunteers can go further in saving more people. The CERT Starter Kit contains all the essentials that will identify you as a trained, community volunteer and will help you rally others and maintain order and authority in stressful and emotionally intense situations.

The CERT Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 - C.E.R.T. Hard Hat
  • 1 - Back Pack (Green w/Logo)
  • 1 - Heavy Duty Work Gloves
  • 1 - Chemical Goggles (Vented)
  • 1 - 12 Hour Light Stick (Green)
  • 1 - Saftey Vest (Official C.E.R.T. Logo with Reflective Stripes)
  • 1 - Dust Mask (One)
  • 1 - Large Mayday Solar Blanket
  • 1 - "D" Size Flashlight
  • 1 - Pair of "D" Batteries
  • 1 - 15" Pry Bar
  • 1 - Lumber Crayon
  • 1 - Caution Tape
You can also upgrade your Standard CERT Starter Kit with our CERT Action Response Kit, which contains all of the above, plus:
  • 1 - 14-in-1 Pocket Tool
  • 1 - Knee Pads (XL)
  • 1 - Gas Shut Off
  • 1 - Duct Tape (10 Yards)
  • 1 - Metal Whistle
  • 1 - 300' "Caution" Tape (2 mil.)
  • 1 - Rope (1/4" x 50')
  • 3 - Mayday Pouch Water (4.225 oz.)

Whether you are starting your own CERT program or are thinking about enrolling in CERT training in the future, it is always a good idea to buy multiple CERT Starter Kits. We offer bulk discounts for high volume order - give us a call and get a formal quote to see how much you can save.