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The Port-A-Potty Chemicals (T-5) 1 Pack from Reliance is an all-in-one kit for keeping your bunker, shelter or home clean and safe while waiting for emergency response workers to arrive. This non-formaldehyde kit has several chemicals that are needed for operating a safe, odor-free port-a-potty.

Reliance Bio-Blue is a product that deodorizes your portable toilet to keep it fresh for a camping trip or while waiting out a natural disaster. The dry powder toilet deodorant has a fresh scent and comes in a pre-measured pouch. It quickly destroys toilet waste odors and neutralizes them at the source with natural enzymes. It dissolves immediately in water without stirring and can be dropped directly into the water.

Reliance Bio-Green works by breaking down the solid waste, including household toilet paper. It's great for ensuring the waste doesn't built up, which can cause a massive sanitation problem at camp sites, RVs and in shelters. Bio-Green is self dissolving and won't harm portable toilet plastic bags and also contains natural enzymes, surfactants and a pine scent for covering waste odor.

Both Bio-Green and Bio-Blue work with recirculating portable toilets as well as holding tanks. We recommend using these in conjunction with another port-a-potty kit or an emergency preparedness kit that includes a honeybucket which can be used as a toilet. This also works well for makeshift latrines and more permanent commodes.

You never know when disaster strike and you never know how long it will be until help arrives. By stocking suitable Port-A-Potty chemicals, you can make your shelter more bearable and safer for every occupant.