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Men have unique day-to-day needs when it comes to grooming and daily routines and the 14 Piece Male Personal Hygiene Kit lets you maintain your normal level of cleanliness and personal upkeep. The Male Personal Hygiene Kit contains a number of essentials that are common to both genders, but also provides for other needs, such as shaving. This kit includes:

A plastic comb - For keeping hair untangled and groomed. Also may be useful for removing debris, dirt or other materials from hair that may result from escaping a collapsing building or seeking refuge in a makeshift shelter.

Hand and body lotion - Keeps hands dry and supple to avoid cracking which can lead to discomfort and infection or chapping.

Toothbrush and toothpaste - Helps prevent tooth decay and can remove bad tastes from the mouth.

Deodorant - Allows you to feel comfortable and relatively odor free when showers are not available.

Anti-Bacterial Soap and Hand Sanitizer - Keeps you clean and bacteria free. Perfect for avoiding contamination after using the restroom, dressing wounds or handling possibly contaminated materials.

Pocket Tissues and Wet-Nap Towelettes - All purpose wipes for applying solutions and general cleaning.

Aerosol Shaving Cream and Razor - Basic shaving kit that is suitable for a few days.

Whether you're going camping or weathering a region-wide natural disaster, the 14 Piece Male Personal Hygiene Kit will help you retain some normalcy to your grooming routines. That way, when you emerge from your shelter along with the other survivors, you'll still look kempt and clean for the cameras that celebrate your well-being.