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Emergency Kits and Earthquakes
This particular guide is geared towards putting together a disaster preparedness kit for earthquakes.However, this list can be used for anytime of natural disaster.All of the items in this kit should be stored in waterproof containers and in a safe, secure environment.Remember, you need to have access to it in case of disaster.A vehicle, basement, and attic are also good places to store emergency kits.
Additional items to consider that are supplemental to the lists below would include copies of important papers, prescription medication, important phone numbers, spare keys, calling cards, etc. Essentially, it is wise to have an emergency kit packed and ready to go with all of the needed supplies to take with you if you have to evacuate your home.For information on survival supplies, visit

(specialized supplies and medicines may be required)

Leatherman (multi-purpose tool) and/or Pocket knife


Knife Sharpener

Saw (tree)

Pocket Chain Saw

Crow Bar

Claw Hammer

Cable Puller

Weatherproof Flashlight with extra Lithium or Alkaline batteries

Flashlight Wand (Red)

Chemical Lightsticks

Butane Lighter

Waterproof matches

Firestarter Kit

Sleeping Bags/Sleeping Pads


Tarp or ground cloth

Chair (folding camp style)

Work gloves

Hard Hat and Safety Goggles

Respirator(s) and/or Dust Masks

Bandanna or Cravant


Outdoor Work Clothing (ie: boots, jacket, climate appropriate clothes)

First Aid Kit (standard)

Emergency Splint

Variety of Bandages

Trauma Dressings


Latex Gloves

Emergency Medical Guide

Burn Kit

Water (Plastic Gallon Containers)5-10 per person

Water Filter or treatment system

1 week supply of emergency food

Drink Mix/Coffee

Sugar cubes/Salt/Pepper/desired spices

Stainless steel cooking/serving set

Camp Stove

Stove supplies such as fuel and maintenance kit

Small Grill

Toilet Paper/Portable Toilet

Antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer

Packaged cleaning wipes



Towel and Washcloth


Glasses/Contacts (as needed)

Prescription Meds(as needed)

Multivitamins (as needed)

Sanitary Napkins/Tampons (as needed)

Important Papers

Spare Keys/Lock Combos, etc.

Money (small bills)

Calling Cards

AM/FM radio (battery operated)

Cooler (insulated)

Hand Cart

Fuel Siphon Hose

Gas Can

Parachute Cord (100 ft)

Nylon Utility Rope

Stainless Safety Wire

Cable Ties

Industrial Duct Tape

Electrical Tape


Aluminum Foil


Dish Soap and Towels

Freezer Bags (3 different sizes)

30 Gallon Garbage Bags

Notebook w/waterproof paper (Rite in the Rain)


Black or Orange Spray Paint

Do Not Enter Barricade Tape

Travel Games/Cards

Survival Manual

Contents List

Mountain Bikes (racks for supplies/spare parts)

SUV/Truck (park where least likely to get damaged)

Gas and Water Shut Off Wrench or Tool

Emergency Radio/ extra batteries

Flashlight / extra batteries

Bolt Cutters

Manual Can Opener

Cell Phone with extra battery

Alarm Clock/Watch



Electrical Generator

Extension Cord (Industrial Grade)

Special items for infants:


Stuffed Toys

Baby Blanket

Baby Carrier (if applicable



Bottles, formula, baby food (as needed)

Special items for pets:

Food and water bowls

Leash, cage, chain


Manually operated Osmosis Desalinator (for those who live near the ocean)

Gas Powered Chain saw and supplies

Plastic for covering windows

Wood Lath (covering windows)

HD Staples and/or nails

Measuring Tape


Step Ladder

Extension Ladder/multipurpose folding ladder