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When it comes to waiting out a catastrophe, safety comes first but comfort is a close second - to that end, The Clear Solution 11 Piece Hygiene Kit helps you maintain your daily grooming routine. Each 11 Piece Hygiene Kit from The Clear Solution provides toiletries and other essentials for one person.
Each kit includes:
A nail file - For keeping rough edged nails neat and manageable. Filing nails is also a comforting menial task to keep your hands busy while you wait for help to arrive.
Toothbrush and .85 ounces of Toothpaste - Helps fight tooth decay, freshen your breath and remove bad tastes from your mouth.
Triple Head Razor and 1.5 ounces of Shaving Cream - This Triple Head Razor gently and safely removes hair from the face, neck, legs and underarms with less strokes. The three heads help cut down on irritation from repeated strokes, which is helpful when shaving cream and water are limited.
2 ounces of Hand Sanitizer - Without running water and when dressing wounds or touching possibly contaminated materials, liquid hand sanitizer is an essential for keeping yourself infection free.
.5 ounces of Stick Deodorant - Stay fresh, dry and relatively odor free even when you can't take a shower.

Comb - Combing your hair can be a comforting routine and help you stay groomed as well as remove dirt and other material from your hair.

2 ounces of Shampoo / Body Bath - If you're lucky enough to have running water, this container doubles as both shampoo and body bath so you can stay clean.
.35 ounces of Hand and Body Lotion - Dry skin can become cracked, chapped and irritated. This lotion helps your skin stay hydrated and supple.
Consider adding this Clear Solution 11 Piece Hygiene Kit to your survival kit. Stock up and have one for each member of your family as well as a backup or two.