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This Folding Bed with Mattress has numerous applications - both in survival situations and for everyday recreational use. With its folding design, it's incredibly easy to store these folding beds with mattresses and they are easy to set up at a moment's notice. Measuring up at 45 inches by 31 inches by 8 inches, this folding bed with mattress is suitable for a single adult. Consider some of the following uses for this affordable, portable bed:

Emergency Shelters - For community centers, churches and other shelters that may find themselves in the position of hosting a large number of refugees or disaster victims, having numerous folding beds with mattresses on hand can turn any large room into a suitable hostel-like accomodation.

Triage - Makeshift medical treatment centers set up in the wake of a disaster need beds. If you're setting up a triage unit, make sure you have multiple beds available. While these folding beds with mattresses don't provide the functionality of a full hospital bed, they are exponentially more affordable and will make do in a pinch.

Camping and RVs - If you're averse to sleeping on the ground, a folding bed stowed in the trunk or trailer can add some luxury amidst the wilderness.

Guest Bed - Whether your planning a sleepover or expecting the in-laws, a folding bed with mattress is an affordable and portable solution for turning a den or office into a guest room at a moment's notice.

Whether it's an emergency, natural disaster or simply unexpected company, this folding bed with mattress provides an affordable way to keep guests comfortable. Stock up while prices remain low and be prepared for anything.