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The 13 Piece Female Personal Hygiene Kit is an essential for your survival kit or emergency preparedness stockpile for more reasons than just comfort. Unfortunately, we don't get to choose when disaster strikes. And if you have to wait out a storm, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, terrorist attack or another catastrophe for a day or more, you'll certainly want to have all the sanitary products you need on hand.

The 13 Piece Female Personal Hygiene Kit includes everything you need to stay comfortable, fresh and healthy for a few days.
It includes:

1 - Plastic Comb

1 - Hand & Body Lotion

1 - Toothbrush

1 - Toothpaste

1 - Deodorant

2 - Anti-Bacterial Soap

1 - Hand Sanitizer

1 - Pocket Tissue

3 - Wet-Nap Towelette's

1 - Maxi Pad

The included Maxi Pad is important for helping prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), a rare but serious condition that can be associated with tampon use. TSS symptoms include faintness, watery diarrhea, severe headache, muscle aches and a sudden high fever. If untreated, TSS can be fatal.
By including the 13 Piece Female Personal Hygiene Kit, you can help prevent both the discomfort and danger of being without a sanitary product. The other items included in this kit will also allow you to perform your daily grooming routines, including brushing your teeth, combing your hair and washing your hands.

Because you never know where you'll be when disaster strikes, it's advisable to build several different emergency preparedness kits. Think ahead and try to anticipate where you may need to access your survival kit - in the car, at home, at the office or in the vacation home are ideal places to keep a secondary kit. Stock up now and save.

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