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When disaster strikes, preparedness is everything - and the Mayday Emergency Fanny Pack Kit has everything you need. This one (1) person kit provides three (3) days of vital emergency survival supplies that will help you weather the first chaotic days and nights after a massive natural disaster or other catastrophic event. With it's compact fanny pack design, you can easily strap this Emergency Fanny Pack Kit on and remain mobile and unhindered without leaving any of the essentials behind.

This particular emergency survival kit includes:

(1) Large Fanny Pack

(1) AM/FM Radio with batteries

(1) "D" Size Flashlight with batteries

(1) 2400 Calorie Food Bar

(6) 4.225oz. Pouches of Water

(1) Solar Blanket

(50) Waterproof Matches

(1) Dust Mask

(1) Whistle with Lanyard

(1) 31 Piece First Aid Kit

(1) Wet Nap

(1) Auto Emergency Instructions
Most of these items are the exact same survival goods you'll find in the rest of our store, making this an excellent emergency starter kit for anyone who is just building up their preparedness kit or looking to supplement their main supplies.
Having an extra Emergency Fanny Pack Kit in the trunk of the car, in the boat, in the garage or shed, at the vacation home, in the attic and basement, at the office and in other locations ensures that you'll be prepared even if disaster strikes while you are away from home.
By having an emergency survival kit for each member of the office or family also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that every person has what they need to survive in case you are separated.
The items in this emergency supply kit are non-perishable for five (5) years and can stand up to the elements - so it's safe to stock up on these now while the price remains low!