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Dust masks are more essential to survival than you might think. Whereas your main concerns may be getting away from the disaster as quickly as possible, you might be surprised to learn that you may not be completely out of harm's way until all the dust has settled - literally. External physical injuries can be treated with first aid and will heal over time, but if you inhale harmful substances, you could run into possibly terminal health issues many years down the road.
Our dust makes provide relief from the irritating and potentially harmful effects of house dust, pollen, salt, organic matter and other particulate material in the environment. The low profile design allows virtually unhindered visibility so you can see where you are going and what you are doing. You can wear glasses or safety goggles with this mask without impairing the functionality of either piece of equipment. The mask also weighs very little - it's about half the weight of a handkerchief and immeasurably more effective. The mask will easily adjust to fit closely over the bridge of your nose and the non-woven filter material will conform comfortably to fit your face. With this mask, you can breathe and speak normally.

Note, though that these dust mask are no respirators and will not provide lung protection to that degree. These masks come in packs of 5 (item number T33) or 50 (item number T33A).

Dust masks are just a part of a complete emergency preparedness kit. Check out the rest of our items here at Survival-Goods for other great starter kits that will help keep you safe and prepared in the wake of a disaster.