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Emergency Bars Can Be a Lifesaver

Emergency Bars Can Be a Lifesaver

The world has always been an uncertain place – there is no spot that is entirely safe from natural disasters, and history is dotted with volcanoes, hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other events that have impacted humanity to a greater or lesser degree. Our modern world has brought a number of other problems such as toxic chemicals and explosions, and now we have added terrorism to the equation. Probably one of the worst aspects of terrorism is that it can theoretically happen anywhere, at any time.

When a disaster or emergency occurs, it is sometimes a while before normality is restored, and during this time, food can be a problem. Generally, the stores are stripped bare before, during, and immediately after the disaster has occurred, and if transportation lifelines have been impacted, it can be weeks before supplies get into the area. Keep in mind how long it was before those stranded in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina had food.

Nutritious And Easy To Store

Emergency bars are probably the easiest way to provide for emergency rations. Mayday Food Bars are especially convenient because they come in a variety of sizes, everything from 400 calories up to 3,600 calories. A large brick can be broken up to supply rations for several people, or smaller bars can be used so that the food will be fresher.

These bars are formulated with ingredients that are unlikely to cause allergic reactions, and will not only provide you with all the calories you need daily (depending on the size of bar you use), but are vitamin fortified. The apple-cinnamon taste is enjoyed even by children. As with most emergency supplies, it will be best to store your Mayday bars in a cool, dark place.

Emergency food bars such as Mayday have a shelf life of up to 5 years and can withstand temperatures of -22 F all the way up to 149 F. These bars are also appropriate for keeping in the family car in case of a breakdown, especially during extreme weather conditions when you might be ‘stuck’ for a significant amount of time.

Wilderness Use

When hiking or camping, there is generally a limit to what can be carried into a wilderness area. Unless you are able to drive directly to where you will be camping, everything that you will need must be carried in on your back. Emergency food bars are an easy way to bring in an adequate food supply without taking up too much room in your backpack. These will also leave you more time to enjoy your surroundings rather than fiddling around with preparing meals.

If you become lost, these Emergency bars will provide you with all the energy you need to keep going until you either make your way out or are found. Besides providing you with everything you need for bodily maintenance, these bars are designed so as not to make you thirsty – very important when your water supply may be limited.