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Mayday has put together the Office Emergency Kit (20 person) to keep you prepared, safe and secure in the event that disaster strikes while you are at work.
We spend eight hours or more a day at the office - and you never know when the unthinkable will happen.
This kit contains everything you and your employees need in order to stay warm, well-fed and safe while waiting for help to arrive.
The Office Emergency Kit is a perfect item for managers, human resources departments, building custodians, landlords and concerned employees to keep on hand.
Depending on the size of your office, you may wish to stock several Office Emergency Kits. For example, it is imperative to keep at least one Office Emergency Kit on each floor of the building as loss of power, fire, flooding and other obstacles may cut off access to the areas where you keep your emergency preparedness supplies.
Luckily, the 20 person Office Emergecny Kit very affordable and is priced at a deep discount when compared to purchasing each of these essential items individually.

The 20 Person Mayday Office Emergency Kit contains:

20 - 2400 Calorie Apple Cinnamon Food Bars

20 - 25 oz. Water Packs

20 - Solar Blankets

1 - 8x10 Blue Tarp

2 - Work Gloves (pair)

50 - Germicidal Tablets

12 - Toilet Liners

20 - Wet Naps

50 - Waterproof Matches

1 - AM/FM Solar Radio

6 - 12 Hour Light Sticks

1 - 123 Piece First Aid Kit

1 - 5 pack of Candles

10 - Latex Gloves (pair)

2 - Toilet Chemicals

1 - 15" Pry Bar

2 - "D" Cell Flashlight

4 - Alkaline Batteries

1 - 300' Caution Tape

20 - Dust Masks

2 - Port-a-Potties

1 - Duffle Bag on Wheels

Stock up on Office Emergency Kits today while the price remains low!