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Homemade Earthquake Survival Kit VS Purchased

Disaster supplies should be purchased and stored in readily accessible locations at home, work, and in your motor vehicle. This can reduce the impact of an earthquake on you and your family. Disaster supply kits should include: food, water, flashlights, portable radios, batteries, a first aid kit, cash, extra medications, a whistle, and a fire extinguisher.  Buy an Earthquake Survival Kit and to Ready!

earthquake ready kitEarthquake Survival Kit Essentials

Respirators to protect from inhaling fumes, vapor & gases.

    Air-supplied respirators – Alternate supply of fresh air.
Air-purifying respirators – Contaminated air is forced through a filtering system.

    Masks: N-95 – are NIOSH -National Institute Of Occupational Safety & Health Certified and were designed to filter 95% of particulate aerosols.
The N means not resistant to oil.

    Survival Book: Purchase a step by step, easy to read book that has information about how to survive.

Emergency Breakfast Supply

  •  Folding stove with fuel and portable solar oven
  •  9 hour mini candles
  •  60 hour pillar candles should be unscented.

They are known to drip less and because of their clean burning wax, they are smokeless.

  • Survival Candle: that burns for 36 hours
  • 100 gallon bladder with a siphon pump
  • Camper's shower will let you shower and wash dishes. The container will heat water using the sun.
  • Filtration System that will filter up to 300 gallons of water.  Be sure it is light weight and easy to carry.  Portable propane heater/cooker and disposable propane cylinders can be used as a space heater or a stove for cooking.  Solar powered multi-band and short wave radio with cell phone charger will allow you to be in communication.  Purchase windup radio and flashlight instead of battery operated. Triage Kit

  Collapsible five gallon water jubs to store filtered water.

  MRE complete meals are meals ready to eat, self contained, ration in lightweight packaging.

  • Two meals per person per day
  • MRE heater

Light sticks will produce light without a power source.

Magnesium fire starters are designed to function under the most extreme conditions and will function whether it is wet or dry.

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