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Earthquake Emergency KitDeluxe Survival Backpack Kit

Living in a geologically active region like an earthquake zone will present challenges that must be met if a level of comfort and safety is to be maintained at all times. While most earthquakes are low on the Richter Scale and cause a minimum of damage, a large quake is always possible. Major disruptions to normal life are possible from a catastrophic quake, and it may take weeks, or longer, before conditions return to what they should be. Rather than expose yourself and your family to inconvenience, if not actual danger from a large quake, it is a good idea to assemble an ‘Earthquake Emergency Kit’ before you need it.

Earthquake Emergency KitFood And Water

Earthquakes can rupture water mains, leaving those who are dependent upon municipal water without anything to drink. Even if you have a well, pollution from sewage lines might contaminate it, leaving it unsafe. A good supply of stored water will keep your family safe from organic pathogens and chemical pollution.

An emergency food supply is also essential if you live in an earthquake zone. You should choose a kit that will provide at least one week of food for everyone in your family. These kits are easy to store and are a great way to prepare for an earthquake emergency. If you have pets, be sure to have extra food put aside for them, too.

Shelter and Heat

It is not uncommon for homes to be rendered unfit for habitation or even completely destroyed by a major earthquake. Living in an earthquake zone means that it is possible for this to happen to your home. Rather than have to sit unprotected while waiting for relief efforts to reach you, having a tent on hand can house you and your family in some comfort. You should have some emergency blankets, at the very least, stored with your tent.

There are a number of emergency heaters that can provide warmth when regular heating is unavailable. Be sure to follow all safety recommendations for these heaters, and store fuel for them in a safe spot, away from children and pets.

First Aid
First Aid Cabinet
A disruption like an earthquake is only too likely to result in injuries. Having a first aid kit on hand will help you to treat any minor injuries that may occur as a result of the earthquake. As more serious injuries may occur, it would also be a good idea to familiarize yourself with techniques that can help keep someone stable until emergency medical services can arrive. Knowledge of how to treat broken limbs and head injuries can be valuable while you are waiting for professional help.


Conditions after a large earthquake can be uncertain, and sometimes people will try to take advantage of the situation. Be sure to provide some means to protect yourself and your family after an earthquake has occurred – pepper spray, tasers, stun guns, or actual firearms can all provide a measure of security, as can the family dog.

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