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Do You Have A Bolt Hole Ready?

have a bolt hole ready

Most animals that have a fixed abode, such as a den or burrow, have more than once entrance to it – and at least one of these entrances will be the bolt hole.  The bolt hole provides a means for the animal to escape if an enemy or predator invades their burrow or pursues them into it.  The bolt hole gives the animal a chance to leave, and hopefully shake off their pursuit as well.  Without a bolt hole, an animal such as a rabbit or fox or woodchuck would be trapped in the sleeping chamber of the den and killed.  The question here is – do you have a bolt hole ready?

Living In The Suburbs Or A Rural Area

Should a major disaster strike if you are living in one of these areas, it is quite possible that you will be able to remain in your home, barring extensive damage.  However, should it be necessary to evacuate, you should know how you will leave the area with the least amount of trouble.  Before any disturbances happen, it would be a good idea to consult a map and find out the best way to get out.   If you have relatives or friends outside your area, you can plan the routes that would get you to them, and be sure to have at least two routes planned in case your first choice bolt hole is unable to be used.   All family members should know where to meet, both at the home and at an outside location, and do not neglect to grab your bug-out bag as you head out the door.  Make sure, too, that you always keep half a tank of gas in your vehicle at all times, and that a ‘stash’ of several hundred dollars is in your bug-out bag.

City Disasters

Although a disaster or emergency anywhere is disruptive and possibly dangerous, if a major disaster occurs in a city, the results can truly be hellish.  The threat not only of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes or hurricanes exists, but now there is also the specter of terrorism to contend with. Civil unrest is another possibility, and during uncertain times, such as the world is now experiencing, there is always the chance of rioting and looting.  The best place to be in a city during a disaster is somewhere else. 

If you live in a city, you should keep in mind that soon after a disaster occurs, a panic will set in and people will be trying to leave the city by any means.  You will have to act very quickly if you want to get out.  Plan your escape route from the city far in advance of any emergencies, and have at least two alternate routes.   Have a bug-out bag prepared at all times to take as you leave.

You should also know in advance where you will be going once you are out of the city.  If you have a vacation home, you can head there; otherwise try to arrange staying with relatives or friends.  Should it prove impossible to leave the city, hunker down.  Hopefully, you will have emergency supplies on hand that will allow you to keep out of sight as much as possible.  Be sure to have a battery powered or crank radio on hand to keep abreast of events.