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Disaster Preparedness Links

Disaster Preparedness Information Guide

Evaluate Risks of a Local Natural Disaster: Although the consequences resulting from a long list of natural disasters can be quite similar, knowing the risks of your particular region or community will help you in being better prepared. Here, you can find out the risks that you’re exposed to in your general area.

The United States is a large country with extreme weather conditions and varied geographic characteristics. Because of its size, weather patterns, and diverse regions, the country is an opportune place for different natural hazards. It’s important that you learn of the natural hazards that are common to your region and you should especially prepare yourself! A natural hazard doesn’t need to be a natural disaster: to be prepared, be proactive!

Using this emergency preparedness website, you’ll learn practical tips that will show you how to care for your family before, during, and after an emergency situation. You’ll learn to prepare for emergency situations caused by natural dangers and find precise instructions on how to protect yourself and your loved ones when your area has been affected by a natural disaster. Read real facts on natural dangers and learn where natural disasters can occur in the US.

Here at Survival-Goods, you’ll also find educational resources on natural disasters, including links to the US Atlas. You’ll be able to find resources by searching according to the type of natural disaster and catastrophe or by region.