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Definition of Emergency

Definition of Emergency

An emergency is a situation in which life, health, or property in is immediate danger, or in which life may already have been lost with a high chance of reoccurrence if steps are not taken to avert danger.

Emergencies may also be defined by state, county, or municipal statutes that identify what conditions exist where summoning of assistance is warranted.

Life threatening dangers:

This is considered to be of most importance as it involves the threat to human life. Most emergencies have immediate effect on the lives of people, arising from situations to a single life, such as medical emergencies due to sickness or injury. However, this danger applies to the masses when there is a natural disaster, such as a flood or an earthquake.

Emergency Services:

Normally funded by local, state or federal government, the three main emergency services are:


This is a force that works to secure people and property from danger, and may exact immediate punishment to anyone who created the emergency situation with wrongdoing.

Fire service:

This is a force that combats fires that are harmful to human life and property, and will rescue individuals who are cut off from evacuating a building, motor vehicle, or vessel to prevent any loss of life, while operating to ensure that the danger does not spread and threaten others.

Emergency Medical Service:

This can be a public or private ambulance or paramedic group who work to reduce any loss of life, as well as preventing any damage to an individual's health in an emergency.

Other agencies:

Depending on your geographic location, emergency responders will include Mountain Rescue, which serves to aid those who are lost or injured in remote areas with dangerous terrain, such as a mountain peak.

In coastal regions, the US Coast Guard serves to perform rescues of commercial operators, or recreational boaters at sea. This includes rescue of people who have been swept from shore by storms or became caught in strong currents while swimming or surfing.

All phone numbers, or radio contact information for emergency services, should be inside the front cover of your area telephone directory. Please acquaint yourself with information about these agencies, and how they may assist you should a disaster threaten your survival at home or away.