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Defending Your Home And Family

defending your home and family

The world is an uncertain place, and while we in North America have previously enjoyed a fairly placid existence, things have changed.  The economic downturn, general discontent, and terrorism all mean that our lives are simply not as secure as we would want them to be.  Violent crime can touch any family, and the possibility of civil unrest always looms, especially in urban areas.  Also, it often happens that after a disaster looting and burglary will occur fairly frequently.  If these things worry you, you might want to consider providing yourself with the means to defend yourself, your family, and your home.  There are both lethal and non lethal available that can help to keep your family safe from intruders.  Hopefully, you will never be called upon to use any of these weapons, but it is always better to be prepared than not.


These are devices that incapacitate an intruder or attacker by disrupting the motor function of their muscles by means of an electric shock. Generally, Tasers allow you to be 10 or more feet away from your potential assailant, providing more of a measure of safety.  You should be aware that some people have died as a result of being hit with a taser.

Stun Gun

Although both stun guns and taser work by introducing an electric current to the body, stun guns operate differently from Tasers.  Tasers shoot out two darts that deliver the shock, and generally one shot is all that you can deliver as the cartridge that provides the propulsion will have been used up.  Stun guns, however, will be able to give multiple shocks, rather than just one.  The disadvantage to stun guns are that you must go right up to the intruder to deliver the shock, which could put you in danger, especially if the assailant is stronger than you are.

Pepper Spray and Mace

Although both these sprays will incapacitate intruders or attackers, it is generally considered that pepper spray is the more effective product.  This spray works by causing intense stinging to the eyes, nose, mouth, and any skin surface it touches pepper spray.  Unlike mace, pepper spray will work even on people who are drunk or on dangerous drugs such as PCP.  is not meant to cause serious bodily harm, it is simply meant to allow you to escape a potentially life-threatening situation.


Pistols, shotguns, and rifles could be considered the ultimate in self-defense, these will seriously injure or kill an intruder.  Do not buy a gun if you doubt your ability to use it – it has happened that people who have hesitated have been disarmed and the gun has been used on them.  For home defense, a larger caliber pistol or shotgun are probably best.  A rifle is basically a long range weapon that would be difficult to use in the confines of a home.  As a shotgun is often over 4 feet long, look for one that has a reduced stock to make it more maneuverable in the house.