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Dealing With A Serious Injury In The Wilderness Deluxe Survival Backpack Kit

There is probably nothing that can cause a feeling of helpless and despair than when someone receives a serious injury while in a remote spot.  Hiking and camping are fun, but whenever you go on either of these activities, you should be aware of the potential for serious injury.  Falls are the most likely cause of these injuries and can result in broken limbs, as well as injuries to the body and head.  Unlike more minor injuries, such as cuts or bruises, there are times when the person who has been injured will be unable to continue on. First aid kits are a must while traveling in the wilderness.

What Has Happened?

If some member of your party h
Dealing With An Injury in the Wildernessas fallen, the first thing to do is to make as accurate an assessment of the injuries as possible.  If the person is unconscious, they probably have a concussion, or perhaps a fractured skull and will need immediate medical attention.  Broken arms can probably be field dressed, and the patient will be able to walk out on his or her own once they have rested for a bit.  Broken ribs are painful, but will usually heal on their own.  An exception is if the rib has punctured a lung, in which case the person should be evacuated on a stretcher.   A broken leg will be more difficult to handle, and the person will need to be carried out. 

Taking Care Of Broken Bones In The Field

If the break is fairly clean, and the bones are not showing, the best thing to do is to make a splint to keep the limb stable.  If the bone has broken through the skin, do not try to set it yourself.  Clean the area gently and cover it with a cloth.  Make a splint to keep the bones from moving around even more.

Can They Be Carried Out?

There are definitely times when the injured person should be taken back as quickly as possible for medical care.  When there are several other people in the party, it will be possible to construct a makeshift stretcher from som
e poles and a blanket, or even several shirts.  The person should be placed on the blanket (their weight will help to keep the stretcher stable) and you First Aid Kitsshould secure them to the stretcher with ropes or strips of cloth, to prevent them from falling off during the journey.  A neck injury will mean that support for the head must be provided, to prevent further damage.

If you are the only other person on the trip, and have no cell phone, you will have no alternative but to leave to get help. If the person is conscious, leave water and food with them, and make sure they have a blanket on them to keep them warm.  A whistle should also be left with the person, to signal their location.  If the accident has occurred off the beaten trail, mark your path as you leave so that you will be able to find them again easily.  Return to your starting point and notify emergency personnel immediately.  Remain there to guide them to the injured party and explain to them exactly what has happened.


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