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Creating a Family Disaster Plan

Creating a Family Disaster Plan

In cases of natural disaster it will be important to protect your family. Having an emergency plan and ensuring that your family practices the procedures is crucial.

Before Disaster Strikes

  • Be sure to stay informed.
  • Check with local officials to find out what types of disasters might happen in your neighborhood.
  • Find out what types of emergency notification procedures are in place where you live.

Evacuation Procedures

  • What are the most common evacuation routes out of the area in which you live?
  • Establish a meeting place where your family can meet should you be separated during an emergency.
  • Have a contingency plan if communication is not possible by phone during an emergency.
  • If you have family members with special needs, decide how they will be evacuated.
  • Don’t forget your pets. Where will you take your pets if evacuated? Make sure you include supplies for them inside your emergency kit.


  • Develop a contingency plan in case the phone lines are down and you need to communicate.
  • Have a list of contacts both locally and out of state, to contact during an emergency.
  • Have an extra battery available or alternate charging source for your cell phone.
  • Include a couple of calling cards inside your emergency kit.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

  • Practice your emergency plan with your family periodically.
  • Check your emergency kit at least every 6 months and rotate any items that may have expired.
  • Make sure the smoke alarms are working in your home and change the batteries regularly.