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Comfort Items and Emergency Supplies

Comfort Items and Emergency Supplies

Everyone is likely to experience some sort of emergency because of a disaster, be it man made or weather related. Preparing your family in advance is important to your survival all depends on the emergency planning that you do today, and getting certain comfort items together is important for keeping good morale until the situation improves.

The basic comfort items are not extravagant, they are the basic everyday needs that we sometimes take for granted. These are a few of those everyday things that will you will need in order to stay comfortable:

Water: Remember that a person will require one gallon of drinking water per person per day. The math is simple: A three day need for one person will be three gallons, times the number of people in your group. Emergency water is available in packaged form, or can be stored correctly in barrels. Filtration kits can be used to treat questionable tap water or natural resources in necessary.

Emergency Food: Ensure that everyone in your family is provided with a minimum three day supply of non-perishable food. Packaged, long shelf life foods are available in kit form, and this can be supplemented with canned goods. Food that requires little or no water for preparation is the best choice. Remember to avoid "salty" survival foods, as they tend to make people thirsty. Snack foods, such as popcorn, Jell-O, pudding and power bars, are an excellent source of energy, and they taste good, too.

Cellular Phone: Even if it will be near impossible to recharge in a massive power outage, your cell phone will prove to be the most important comfort item to your morale. Though it isn't a primary need, being able to telephone loved ones, or use internet options to post updates will give you the morale boost you need, and also receive incoming offers of assistance from people you know outside your affected area. Cell phones have been recharged at fire stations, or places in which emergency generated power is available during emergency situations.

Entertainment: Our society has come to depend on electrical power to provide us with what we see or do for fun. When power is cut, morale can be affected by long hours of boredom in which "there is nothing to do but wait." Get back to the basics of fun with board games and books to pass time constructively.

Portable Shower Aid: Your conventional shower may not function due to an emergency situation. Consider purchasing a StanSport Camper's Solar Shower. Used as directed, sunlight will heat five gallons of water, which will serve your family up to four showers of use. This item can also be used to wash dishes. Another option is Self Heating Wash Cloths.

Sustaining good morale is very important in dealing with an emergency situation. Being fed properly, entertained, and remaining comfortable in your own skin will serve you well until life returns to normal again.