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Can You Recall Everything That You Own?

Can you recall everything that you own?

What if you were forced to leave your home and only had 5 minutes to pick up what you would need to take? Besides the backpack that you have already prepared for just such an occasion, what else would be of value?

If there was a disaster such as a tornado, wildfire, hurricane or other situation that made it so that you had to leave your home, would you be able to recall everything you own or the condition it was in?

Without a detailed record of your home’s inventory, important items can be overlooked and become a time-consuming and difficult task to prove what you own to your insurance company.

Having a record of your assets will help expedite insurance claims. They will get settled faster and for the correct amount. You should estimate how much insurance to purchase to replace what you own. Having a record will also aid police in recovery of your property after theft. It is important to create a visual record of family heirlooms & collectibles for children & other family members

How to prove the condition of property to the insurance company

  • Digital photo records
  • Digital video
  • Written inventory
  • CD and DVD copies

This also means that you will have to update the information that you have saved. Saving it to a remote site may be worth checking in to. Then you will be able to retrieve your information from any other computer.