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Building an Emergency Car Kit

Building an Emergency Car Kit

As indestructible as they may seem, cars break down frequently. No matter what kind of car you have, there’s always the possibility of a break-down. When any kind of car emergency occurs, it’s best to be prepared for the worst. It’s also wise to make sure that your entire family is taken care of when a car emergency strikes. Packing blankets, ponchos, medical items, and basic necessities will ensure that you can stay where you are comfortably and safely until help can reach you. The Basics

Most people do not store food or water inside of a car. However, neglecting to keep food and water inside of a car is a bad idea. Humans can survive for a very long time without food, but this isn’t necessary. Simply place a box of crackers, granola bars, or other dried item inside of your trunk.

While it is possible to survive without food, this is not true when it comes to water. Dehydration is a serious problem that can lead to death. Ensure that you (and your family) stay well hydrated by placing a case of water, a carton of water, or a few water bottles inside of your car. If you go the water bottle route, make sure that these are cleaned on a regular basis.

Medical Necessities

You can purchase a pre-made medical kit from various online retailers. These kits come with bandages, ointments, and other medical necessities. You can also build your own medical kit by including the following items:

  • Bandages of all types and sizes
  • Scissors and a utility knife
  • Calamine and other lotions
  • Ipecac Syrup
  • Pain Relievers
  • Necessary Medications

All-Weather Items

Placing a warm blanket inside of your car only takes a few moments. Yet, this warm blanket may save you from freezing if you cannot start your car. Even during summer months, you may still need a warm blanket if the weather becomes cool. An extra set of cool clothing is a wise idea during hot summer months. Pack a poncho, umbrella, rain boots, or other gear in case you breakdown in the middle of a rainstorm.

Light Sources

Light sticks, flashlights, flares, and other light sources are crucial. Cars don’t always break down beneath city lights. If you are stuck on a dark road, a flashlight, light stick, or other light source will keep you from being immersed in complete darkness. Make sure to stock extra batteries inside of your car too (just in case the flashlight you have stops working).


While you don’t want to take up your trunk space with a large number of tools, there are some items that are necessary. Every car, truck, or other vehicle should be equipped with a shovel, snow scraper, jumper cables, hammer, and a multi-purpose knife. These tools can help you dig your way out of mud, snow, and most other situations. A great idea instead of worrying about all of these separately, is to invest in a car kit that comes stocked with all of these. The Emergency Roadside Auto Kit offers everything you need from jumper cables to flashlights and is so affordable, it is smarter to get this then buy everything separately!