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Surviving Building Collapse

There are a number of things that can cause a building to collapse, and the one on most people’s minds now would be terrorism. Using bombs to destroy a building, usually occupied, has unfortunately become a favorite method of those interested in disrupting society and causing casualties. An explosion can also occur as a result of le aking gas. This is the reason why if you do smell gas, it is important to leave the building as quickly as possible. Make sure to always have a survival kit made for an office.

However, there are other factors, besides explosions that can cause a building to collapse. One of the greatest will be earthquakes, as one of high magnitude will be capable of destroying nearly any building not specially designed to resist it. Hurricanes can cause such high winds that homes can actually be flattened by them. Tornadoes are even more destructive and there can be literally nothing left by a pile of rubble once the tornado has passed.

What To Do If The Building Begins To Collapse

There will generally be little or no warning that a collapse is imminent, but the most important things to do are to stay calm and get out of the building as quickly as possible. Do not hesitate to go out a window if that is the nearest exit. If you are in a building with an elevator, do not use the elevator, use the stairs. If you are at home or work, grab your emergency disaster bag if you have one as you leave. Make sure your office has a first aid kit in case you do have to wait for help from a firefighter or paramedic.small first aid cabinet

If You Cannot Get Out

A sudden building collapse may seal any exits and leave you trapped in the building. This is definitely not a time to panic, you will have to use all your mental resources to preserve yourself. Look around for a sturdy piece of furniture such as a heavy desk, sofa, or armchair. However, do not get under these, rather position yourself next to them, lying on the floor with your head protected by your arms. This will put you into the ‘triangle of life’, a spot where it is unlikely that debris will strike you. The furniture will be able to support a collapsing wall or ceiling and create a space adjacent to it where you will be relatively safe. You may be injured, but the chances are that you will come out of the wreckage alive.
Roll And Go Emergency Kit
There will likely be quite a bit of dust from the collapse, so try to cover your mouth, eyes, and nose with a handkerchief or some of your clothing. Dust and smoke can be harmful, so keeping these out of your system as much as possible is important. Because of the dust, keep as still as possible to keep from stirring up more.

Rescuers will be searching for you right away, so let them know that you are trapped by tapping on a wall or floor or pipe. If, by chance, you have a whistle, use that. Do not shout unless absolutely necessary to avoid getting more dust into your lungs. A flashlight is also handy for signaling rescuers.