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Build A Trauma Care Kit

During an emergency or disaster, most of the injuries you or your family will experience will be small ones – cuts, scrapes, maybe a splinter. However, at times a much more serious injury can occur that an adhesive bandage will be unable to treat. Having supplies on hand to treat heavy bleeding, burns, or broken bones can make a big difference in both survivability and comfort. A few of the most important products for dealing with more serious injuries are described below. Hopefully, you will never need to use them, but knowing that they are there will help you deal with an unexpected situation more confidently.

Build A Trauma Care KitStopping Bleeding Fast

A deep cut can cause the loss of a surprising amount of blood. Sometimes, the cut is too deep to respond simply to pressure to control bleeding, and at this time you will need additional help. There are two products that can help to stop bleeding quickly, and at least one of them should be included in your trauma care kit.

The QuikClot Sport Clotting Sponge is an important item to have on hand. When a freely bleeding wound occurs, you can simply place the sponge on it and apply some pressure. This sponge aids in clotting by soaking up the plasma while leaving the platelets behind. Platelets are what will cause clotting. This sponge can be used only once, so it might be a good idea to have several of them in your kit.

Another way to deal with heavily bleeding cuts is with CELOX Temporary First Aid Traumatic Wound Treatment. This comes in a ten count package and works somewhat differently than the product above. CELOX is granular and is simply poured into the wound. Even arterial bleeding can be controlled with CELOX, and it is easy to remove from the injury once professional help has arrived.

Burns Hurt!

It does not take a major burn to cause a great deal of pain, even the burn you might get from your oven or woodstove can make you miserable for hours. Fortunately, Water Jel Burn Jel can not only relieve the pain of a burn, but it can also help prevent blisters from forming. This is a sterile, antimicrobial gel that is applied directly to the burn. This product has also been found to be very useful when dealing with sunburn. The S.T.A.R.T One Burn Unit
is a great kit that includes helpful products that relieve the traumas of burns such as water gels, ice packs and Aspirin.

Easy Emergency Splints

Broken fingers, arms, or other bones need to be stabilized as quickly as possible. Fortunately, you will be able to provide quick support for broken bones with the Universal Aluminum Splint. This ‘splint’ consists of aluminum encased in a foam matrix. It will arrive either in a roll or folded and can be wrapped around a broken arm, or even leg, to provide stability and support until hospital care can be provided. It can be used over and over, too. Many kits such as the Multi person Trauma Medical Unit
include splints.

If you are dealing with a broken finger, you will find the SAM Medical Finger Splint and easy way to deal with this sort of injury. You need only slip it over the broken finger, then secure with a piece of tape.

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