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Bug Out Bag Essentials

Bug Out Bag Contents

Your Bug Out Bag will be your lifeline in a variety of emergency situations. Most people are caught short when a disaster happens, and find themselves nearly completely helpless; without food, water, or shelter. Even if you have adequate emergency supplies in your home, unless they are in a place where they are accessible, chances are they will prove useless. Emergencies will often leave you only seconds to respond, and you simply may not have the time to get everything together. A well-stocked and prepared Bug Out Bag, however, will provide you with what you need to get you through the critical first days of an emergency or disaster. You can either buy a prepared bag or put one together yourself.

Food and Water

These are things you will simply not be able to do without. One way to manage water is to have several emergency packs of water in your Bug Out Bag. As these are only meant for temporary use, you should also include water purification tablets or a portable water filter. With these last two, you will basically be able to use any available water.

The best way to provide for food on an emergency basis is by including emergency food bars. These bars will give you a nutritional meal that meets caloric requirements. They have a very long shelf life and are compact.


Your Bug Out Bag should have the means of keeping you warm while the emergency unfolds. Emergency blankets, sleeping bags, and an emergency tent should be in your bag. A tarp is another good item to include, and if you have room for a few extra pieces of warm clothing, so much the better.

Small emergency stoves can provide not only a bit of heat, but will also allow you to cook. These stoves take up almost no room in your pack.Along with the stove, be sure to have either waterproof matches or a fire starter.

First Aid

A premade first aid kit should be tucked into your Bug Out Bag. This will enable you to handle most small injuries easily. If your first aid kit does not contain at least a small first aid guide, be sure to get one and include it in the bag.

Helpful Miscellaneous Items

Besides the above essential items, there are other things that should go into your Bug Out Bag that will help to assure your survival and comfort. One of those is a multi-tool.A knife is a good idea, but a multi-tool will expand your options from simple cutting. Many multi-tools even have a saw so that you will be able to cut small branches for firewood or to make a shelter.

A battery powered or wind up radio should be in your bag, too – you will want to keep abreast of unfolding developments. Along with the radio, you should have some source of emergency lighting – a flashlight at the very least. A few candles can find their way into your bag, too.

And finally, some cash. Having a small stash of money in your Bug Out Bag can really make a difference in how your weather the storm.

A great way to make sure a survival backpack is equipped with all the right things is to get a premade Bug Out Bag that already comes stocked with all of the necessities. The Roll And Go Survival Kit On Wheels not only offers all supplies needed for any disaster, but it is easily bought along where ever you need to go. Either way, educate yourself today and prepare for tomorrow.