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Be Ready with an LDS 72 Kit

Be Ready With An LDS 72 Kit

Few people have a crystal ball that will tell them when a disaster or emergency will strike.While government agencies do keep track of weather patterns and ground movements, not every disaster will give warning that it is going to occur.The recent tsunami in northern Japan was seemingly a surprise to everyone, and the people there were caught unawares.The scope of the disaster was such that preparation would have been impossible in any case, but most people will not be faced by a catastrophe of this magnitude.Making sure that you will be able to survive the first days after a disaster will be much easier if you have an LDS 72 Kit in your home.

Designed by Survival Experts

The Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) has always adhered to the concept of being prepared for the worst, and the LDS 72 Kit is a reflection of that philosophy.This kit is not meant to provide for long term survival, but rather to see you through the first critical three days following an emergency.As the highly trained rescue units in this country will be working right away to respond to the situation, you will generally only need a few days of survival supplies to see you through.

The LDS 72 Kit has been put together by experts in the field, who are applying 30 years of survival knowledge to provide you with this kit.Everything in the kit is contained in an easy to carry backpack, and you can keep one in your car, or at any convenient position in your home.If a power outage might be the worst that you will face, you can probably keep the kit in a closet.However, if you might have to leave quickly, stowing the LDS 72 near the door you are likely to use as an exit will save precious seconds.

It would cost you considerably more to assemble a kit of this caliber yourself.

The Contents of the Kit

You will definitely find everything you need to survive three days of an emergency situation in the LDS 72 Kit.Three packs of water are in the kit, along with 50 water purification tablets. Nutritional bars, providing enough calories each for one day, are supplied.There is an emergency tent that will accommodate two people in the kit, along with four emergency blankets and ponchos.Hypothermia can be a real danger following a disaster, but the emergency gear included will help to keep you warm.

When things are confused, it is easier for minor injuries to occur, which is why the LDS 72 Kit contains a first aid kit. This kit will allow you treat cuts and scrapes easily.And this kit also contains a battery powered radio that will help you to know what is going on around you.Government announcements are often of vital importance at a time like this, it is not the time to be completely isolated.Light sticks and a flashlight are included, as is a utility knife. Having one of these kits handy can make a real difference in how you manage the emergency.