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 Basic 72 Hour Survival and First Aid Kit

Basic 72 Hour Survival and First Aid

The Mayday Basic 3-Day Kit w/Flashlight and First Aid is perfect for supplementing your main survival supplies or emergency preparedness kit. Contained in a compact, portable cardboard box, this kit is highly affordable, which means you can stock up and have one for the office, one of the home, one for school and one in the trunk of each vehicle you own.

The first 72 hours of any disaster are the most critical - especially when taken by surprise. It can take emergency response teams days - possibly weeks - to reach victims in remote areas and this emergency survival kit will help you weather the elements and stay hydrated and warm while waiting for help to arrive.

Each Basic 3-Day Kit with Flashlight and First Aid contains:

  • 6 - 4.225oz. Pouches of Water
  • 1 - 2400 Calorie Food Bar
  • 1 - Solar Blanket
  • 3 - Wet Naps
  • 1 - Emergency Instructions
  • 1 - "D" Size Flashlight
  • 1 - 8 Piece First Aid Kit

We recommend buying extra Basic 3-Day Kits as part of a solid emergency contingency plan. Have one for each member of the family in case you are separated and supplement your kit with additional supplies in case you end up providing for a friend, neighbor or co-worker who is unprepared.

The Mayday Basic 3-Day Kit is a perfect starter package and is priced relatively low for the time being. We also offer discounts for bulk purchases, so don't hesitate to buy one for each classroom or office. That way you'll be prepared for the worst no matter where you are in the building.