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Aquaponics: A Breakthrough In Self-Sufficiency

Aquaponics: A Breakthrough In Self-Sufficiency

What Is The Aquaponics Portable Garden System All About?

Aquaponics is all about helping people become more self-sufficient in their food production. All of us are aware of the challenges posed by a growing world population and a shrinking food supply. Being able to produce both high quality protein and vegetables is what the Aquaponics system has been developed to do. Whether being used to provide food for a single family, or as a large scale commercial operation, Aquaponics is a closed system that, once started, will need little maintenance – it will be basically self-supporting.

The Aquaponics system consists of a fish tank, pumps, air filter, and growing trays. Once started, the Aquaponics Portable Farm system can provide for the nutritional needs of your family without problem. Aquaponics does not require a huge amount of space, as traditional gardens do, you will be able to ‘farm’ in an area as small as six by eight feet. Fresh vegetables can be yours year round, and the tasty fish can help to cut back on the grocery bill.

Why The Tilapia Fish Are So Important

Tilapia fish are a vital part of the Portable Farm system, they will provide the nutrients that will help your plants grow. As the fish eat and grow, they will naturally produce waste, and it is this waste that will fertilize the plants in your grow trays. Water will be circulating constantly in the fish tank (this is necessary to oxygenate the water so that the fish can ‘breathe’) and as part of the process, the waste is siphoned to the settling tank. Solids remain on the bottom of the tank, but the nutrient rich water above is fed by gravity to the grow trays. It is this nutrient packed water that will cause the plants to grow without the need of soil or any other fertilizers. The sediment tank will need to be emptied periodically, and you can put this on your ornamental plants or fruit trees. Nothing goes to waste with the Aquaponics system.

As a warm water system is required for proper plant growth, warm water fish are also needed, which is why the Tilapia is so important. This is a fish originally from the Nile River, and is ideal for use in the Aquaponics Portable Farm system. The only thing the Tilapia will need from you is some fish food every day. In fact, once the Aquaponics system is functioning, it will need nothing except electricity, fish food, and a little water to replace what has been lost. For those that are not the fishing type we have good tasting food bar rations and grab and go buckets that have been prepared for you and stocked with all the food rations needed through any emergency.

What Kinds Of Vegetables Grow Best In The Portable Farm?

You will be able to grow almost anything in the Portable Farm that you could grow outside in a garden bed. If you like salads, you will be able to treat yourself to fresh lettuce every day of the year. Squash, tomatoes, beans, herbs, peppers, and cucumbers all are perfect for growing in your Aquaponics garden, with hardly any effort from you. Besides all the other benefits, you will never have to worry about weeds.

Just imagine how great it will be to be able to set the table with fresh food from your Portable Farm. Your family will love the mild tasting fillets from the Tilapia and the salads and cooked vegetables will have that ‘right from the garden’ flavor. A simple telephone call can connect you with a representative that will give you all the important details about the Aquaponics Portable Farm. Get going and get growing!

There is a major importance to have a stock of emergency food available. Also know how to store and can food for when it is needed. Another helpful hint at what to put in a garden are plants with medicinal benefits. Prepare today and save lives tomorrow, there is nothing like knowing your family will be safe during an emergency.

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