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An Emergency Car Repair Kit

An Emergency Car Repair Kit

There may come a time, when you are driving, that the car will simply stop functioning. Or, you can experience a flat tire or a blowout. The first thing to do when your car malfunctions in any way is to get off the road qu ickly. Pull over onto the shoulder as far as you safely can, and if you are on a busy road or highway, do not put yourself into a position where you can be struck by another car.

A Flat Tire

This is probably the most common emergency that you will experience while driving. Even if your tires are new, they can still pick up a nail or run over glass and be damaged. In order to fix a flat tire, you will need a jack to raise the car, remove the hubcap, and then take off the lug nuts with a lug wrench. It might be a good idea to loosen up the lug nuts with a few taps with a hammer before using the lug wrench. Once, the lug nuts are off, you can remove the damaged tire and put on the new one. Tighten up the lug nuts again, replace the hubcap, and lower the car to the ground again. Your tire changing kit will include: a jack, lug wrench, and hammer. A container of liquid wrench can be helpful, too, in loosening rusted lug nuts.

Radiator Problems

Seeing steam pour out from under the hood of your car is definitely unsettling. It will usually mean that there is a leak somewhere in the radiator or the hoses leading to it. After you pull over, be careful when you open the hood, it can be hot under there. Once the car has cooled off a bit, examine the hoses goes to the radiator – there is a good chance that the problem lies there. If you detect a hole in one of the hoses, you can do a temporary repair with duct tape. Place a piece of tape over the hole, then wrap tape around the hose. Check to see if you need any more fluid in the radiator, then drive home or to a repair shop.

A Repair Manual And Some Tools

Sometimes the situation is more drastic then a flat tire. Unfortunately, accidents happen. A Vehicle Accident Kit contains everything needed to escape a car that has been in an accident. Window punches, whistles and work gloves are important to keep in a car in case something unexpected happens.

Another item that should be included in the emergency kit for your car is a repair manual. There are quite a few simple repairs that you will be able to accomplish yourself as long as you have an idea of what needs to be done. You should also have the tools necessary for these repairs in your car at all times, and they will generally include a selection of pliers, wrenches, ratchet set, and several sizes of screw drivers. These will help you to make some basic repairs on your car, and get it moving again, at least enough to get you home. It would also be a good idea to keep an extra container of engine oil in the car, too.