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Building an All Season Auto Emergency Kit

An All-Season Auto Emergency Kit

Surely one of life’s greatest miseries is to be stuck on the side of the road. This can occur because bad weather, such as a snowstorm or heavy rain, has caused you to slip off the road. Or, your car could suffer some mechanical failure. Regardless of why you are sitting and waiting for help, you should definitely have an emergency kit in your car at all times, and it should contain everything necessary for survival regardless of the season.

What Your Emergency Kit Should Contain

When preparing your all-season emergency kit, one of the first things you should add is water. Bottled water from the grocery is excellent for this as it usually has a long shelf life and can be left in the car indefinitely. If you live where the winters are cold, however, you will have to remember to take along water every time you leave home, as water left in the car will freeze unless you have a heated garage.

Summer’s heat can cause dehydration and if you find yourself waiting for any length of time for assistance, it will be a help if you have some packets of powdered energy drink available. These will help to keep your electrolyte balance proper and prevent dehydration, and will also provide you with more energy that water will give. Besides water, keep some emergency bars in the auto, too. These bars are great at providing quick energy and are able to withstand a wide range of temperatures without any deterioration in quality.

Driving during the winter means that you could find yourself in a ditch because of difficult driving conditions. In order to prevent hypothermia, you should have a blanket or two in the car and some warm clothing. Most people who are going to work are not adequately dressed to deal with extreme and prolonged cold, so having clothing available that will enable you to survive is a wise idea.

A first aid kit should be included in your car’s emergency supplies. This will enable you to deal with any minor injuries that occur on the road.

A Kit For Your Car

Once you have taken care of your needs, give some thought to your car. Having a few items on hand in the car can often mean the difference between a long wait for a tow, and getting back on the road right away. Even if you have a spare tire in your car, it would also be a good idea to have a can of tire inflator This can not only restore the normal tire pressure, but will also coat the inside of the tire to seal leaks.

A container of engine oil is also a good idea, and an extra set of windshield wipers will keep you on the road regardless of how hard it’s raining or snowing. Another good item for your car’s emergency kit is a roll of heat resistant duct tape. This can be used for spot repairs on many different parts of your car, and will be able to withstand engine heat.

Make sure to have emergency water and food supply in case something unexpected happens or you find yourself stranded waiting for assistance to come. Also make sure to keep emergency blankets in case that unexpected something happens at night or when it becomes really cold out. You never know what to expect, but in case of an emergency make sure to be prepared.