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A Home Away From Home

Where Can You Go?

While some emergency and disasters can be gotten through in your home, sometimes your home may be rendered uninhabitable. Tornadoes, hurricanes, or earthquakes can make a home so damaged as to be unsafe, or can utterly destroy it. Sometimes it is impractical or impossible to leave the area, and you and your family will have to remain. Even if the weather is not cold, living and sleeping in the open is neither comfortable nor healthy, and getting yourself and your family into shelter is very important. In this case, a tent is the answer.

Choosing a tent should not be too difficult, and the tent can be stored either in the house or in an outbuilding for use if required. There are several popular tent models that can help you to provide shelter when you need it.

Coleman SunDome

If you have a small family, two adults and a child, the Coleman SunDome can provide you with emergency housing at a reasonable cost. This is a "home" that can be put up in less than 10 minutes, which means you can get out of the rain fast. You will be able to stay dry and snug in this tent, even though adequate ventilation is provided, and this tent has been able to stand up to 30 mile per hour winds.

Wenzel Pine Ridge

Slightly larger families will definitely find the Coleman SunDome cramped and impractical, so you might consider that the next step up will be the Wenzel Pine Ridge. This tent can accommodate four to five adults, so at least three children, besides the parents, can undoubtedly be comfortable. This tent provides 80 square feet of space and is 5 feet high at the center. There is a divider built into the tent that will give you two rooms, if you so desire.

Swiss Gear Montreaux Family Dome

If you are really looking for a home away from home, you should consider the Swiss Gear Family Dome. This tent is large enough to enable an adult to stand up in and has one large room, and two smaller rooms off to the side. This tent can actually sleep ten people, so should be able to provide shelter for a large family. While the above two tents are relatively light (ten pounds or less), this larger tent weights about 37 pounds.

Browning Camping Glacier

Not all disasters occur during the spring, summer, or fall, and if an emergency that renders your home uninhabitable happens during the winter, you may find the average tent uncomfortable. With the rigors of cold weather in mind, Browning has created the four season tent. Roll and Go Emergency Kit This tent has room for 4 people, although if children are involved, it could probably be used for two adults and three children. The tent material and flooring are heavier than what is usually used, and this tent is made to withstand both cold temperatures and high winds.

Make sure where ever you seek refuge, you also prepare your family with a survival kit that offers everything you need for your stay during an emergency away from home. Try our Roll and Go Kit including everything from food to blankets through any emergency.