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A Good First Aid Kit Is A Necessity
A Good First Aid Kit Is Necessity
When the unexpected occurs, a disaster or other emergency, it often happens that minor injuries ollow. When the electricity is out, it may become more difficult to clean and properly treat cuts and scrapes than it was before. In order to help guarantee that small problems will not turn into large ones, it helps to have a decent first aid kit available. You will want to be able to treat not only cuts, but also be able to remove splinters easily. Having a good first aid kit on hand, before an emergency happens, can help you and your family to manage the situation much more easily.

American Red Cross Disaster & Emergency Kit

This emergency first aid kit, by First Aid Only, is a great way to provide for minor injuries that can occur during a disaster. You will find plenty of adhesive bandages to treat minor cuts and scrapes, as well as gauze pads and tape to handle larger wounds. There is also a pouch of clean water, tweezers, scissors, hot/cold compresses, sling, and light stick, among many other items. This kit also has a first aid instruction booklet, emergency poncho and blanket, and pain relievers.

Add A Few Useful Items

There are times when a cut is too large to be treated with an adhesive bandage, in which case you will want to stop the bleeding as quickly as possible. In a case such as this, you will find the QuikClot Sponge the answer. This sponge is designed to be put over a freely-bleeding wound to help the clotting process begin as it soaks up the plasma, leaving the platelets to form a clot. You can leave this sponge on the wound until professional medical help arrives, too.

If minor burns, or even sunburn, have occurred, it will be possible to alleviate the pain by the application of Water Jel Burn Jel. Not only will this product stop the pain quickly, it also seems to prevent the formation of blisters. This will be a valuable addition to your first aid kit.