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50 Things To Do Before A Disaster Strikes

50 Things To Do Before A Disaster Strikes

  1. Develop a disaster plan
  2. Develop a family communications plan
  3. Prepare a 72 hour response kit
  4. Prepare a first aid kit
  5. Make sure everyone in the family knows the plan
  6. Practice the plan
  7. Have enough water for 72 Hours
  8. Store non perishables
  9. Have clothes that are seasonably appropriate
  10. Identify temporary shelters in your city or town
  11. Identify media sources that will bring you the information that you need during a disaster
  12. Gather small containers personal hygiene products
  13. Always refill medications as soon as you can
  14. Water/wind proof matches
  15. Cooking stove
  16. Buy a generator
  17. Extra fuel
  18. Run generator periodically
  19. Know your children’s school’s plans
  20. Wind up flashlight
  21. Wind up radio
  22. Evacuate if you are told to
  23. Have plans for your pets
  24. Have plans for your livestock
  25. Learn alternative routes to leave your area
  26. Have a first aid kit in your car
  27. Always carry extra clothes, blankets and flashlight in your car
  28. Update your emergency information with family (cell phone number, etc.)
  29. Name a person outside of your area to contact in case you get separated from the family
  30. If you have people with special needs in your family, have a plan for them
  31. Listen and obey authorities
  32. Pay attention to the local weather updates
  33. Keep important papers together
  34. Be aware of what disasters can occur in your location
  35. Keep your car tuned up and filled with gas in case you need to evacuate
  36. Keep extra food for your pets
  37. Learn how to shut off gas and water valves in your house
  38. Know where the breaker box is in your house
  39. Learn how to shelter in place
  40. Know what to do in case of chemical emergencies
  41. Learn CPR
  42. Keep your cell phone charged
  43. Keep at least $50 on hand
  44. Have one charge card
  45. Install smoke detectors
  46. Install CO2 detector
  47. Practice your plan every four months
  48. Write down emergency numbers and place them on your refrigerator
  49. Gather candles and oil lanterns
  50. Develop a plan and practice it!!!