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10 Reasons Why Cell Phones May Not Work During a Disaster

  1. Cell phone towers may be down (Ice storm). During ice storms, cell towers can be toppled due to the weight of the ice.
  2. Access overload can occur when everyone is trying to call in or out. This happened during 9-1-1.
  3. First responders may have priority when there is a disaster. There is a mechanism that is put in place so that with a code, first responders can get top priority for cell phone usage.
  4. Cell phones may not work in all parts of the world. It will depend on whether you signed up for Global System for Mobile Communication -GSM or Code Division Multiple Access- CDMA.
  5. Call may be blocked because of dust and debris (9-1-1)
  6. Calls may be blocked near government offices or hospitals. Often signals are blocked near these buildings for security reasons.
  7. Your battery is dead and there is no power to recharge it.
  8. You may be on an airplane and unable to use your phone.
  9. Your payment may not have been processed due to disaster and your phone may be shut off.
  10. Company is closed down and auto disconnect on. There will be no way to contact the company during a disaster.