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Bug Out Bags

The idea behind Bug Out Bags is that if there is an emergency or disaster, you will be able to ‘bug out’ fast.This is an excellent concept and having a Bug Out Bag prepared will help you to survive the worst conditions much more easily.Bug Out Bags are meant to help you live through the first few days of a disaster.These bags will contain everything you need to make it until conditions return to normal.Bug Out Bags are also excellent for use in the wilderness, either for emergencies or simply as part of your hiking or camping gear.There are a number of important items that should be included in your bag, which will enable you to meet most emergencies head on and come out on top. (cont. below...)

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Bodily Necessities

The first things needed for survival, no matter when or where they occur, are water and food.You will simply not be able to live for long without either, especially water.While having some emergency water in your Bug Out Bag is a good idea, it is also a good idea to have some means of filtering or purifying water also.There are a number of excellent portable water filters that will remove all biological and chemical hazards from water, and one of these should definitely be in your kit.They are about as big as thermos and are low in cost.Purification tablets, either chlorine or iodine are also a possibility, although the water will have a distinctive taste.

There are several types of emergency food available for inclusion in your Bug Out Bag.Probably the simplest to use are the emergency food bars that require no cooking.These will provide complete nutrition for a day, and are said to be palatable.Another option is dehydrated meals that need simply to be cooked with a little water.If you include these MREs (meals ready to eat), you willneed a small pot to cook in.


Being exposed to the elements, especially if it is raining or cold, can quickly sap your strength and leave you open to hypothermia. A good Bug Out Bag will contain the means to get under a ‘roof’ of sorts.There are emergency tents that will at least keep the rain or snow off of you, but you should also have emergency blankets in your kit, one of which can be used to seal off one of the ends of the tent.A tarp is another good item to have as it can be used to make a tent, provide flooring for a shelter, or make a wilderness shelter more waterproof.

First Aid and Miscellaneous

Compact first aid kits are available from many sources, and one of these should be in your Bug Out Bag.This will allow you to take care of minor wounds without trouble.You might also include a package of Celox, which will help stop bleeding of traumatic injuries.Deluxe Survival Unit

Other useful items for your Bug Out Bag would be a portable emergency stove, fire-starter, multi-tool, crank radio, mirror, whistle, and compass.While you definitely do not want to become overloaded, having adequate emergency supplies will help to ensure your survival.

Make sure you stock up on all necessities today. You never know what emergencies may arise. If you find stocking up on individual items overwhelming, there are pre-prepared emergency kits ready to suit your every need in any situation. The Deluxe Survival Backpack Kit is an affordable alternative that offers everything you need.While you definitely do not want to become overloaded, having adequate emergency supplies will help to ensure your survival.

A bug-out bag is a survival kit that contains all you need to survive for 72 hours: the average response time of emergency services following a disaster.

You may have heard of bug-out bags being referred to as 72-hour kits, grab bags, battle boxes, Personal Emergency Relocation Kits (PERKs), GO Bags or even GOOD (Get Out Of Dodge) bags. Whatever you call them doesn't matter, to ensure your safety in the event of disaster you need to have one.

Anyone can assemble a bug-out bag, but here are three reasons why you should add one of our bug-out bags to your basket today:

  • You may think that you have everything you need in the event of a disaster, only to find that when the time comes you are missing vital essentials. The contents of our bug-out bags have been assembled by survival experts, ensuring that you will have everything you need should the worse occur.
  • We bulk-buy all the essentials that go into a bug-out bag, so we are able to offer you everything you need in an emergency but at a much lower cost than if you assembled a bag yourself.
  • Assembling a bug-out bag can be a time-consuming task, but buying one of our bug-out bags is only a click away!