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What To Do When a Tsunami Occurs
  • Under no circumstance should you go near the coast to see the tsunami hit.  Remember this: if you can see it, than you are too close to escape.
  • If a tsunami is approaching and you cannot move to higher ground, stay indoors where you will be protected from the water.  It is preferable for you to find a space in the house away from any windows. 
  • Often, tsunamis are a series of waves that can be separated by a few minutes or even an hour.
  • Monitor the progress of the tsunami and be alert for any warnings or instructions from local authorities.  If you’re in a safe location when the tsunami strikes, stay there until local authorities indicate that the situation is under control.
  • After a tsunami, floodwater can accumulate and it can be dangerous to walk or drive through these waters.  Before driving, listen to instructions from local authorities that are coordinating the evacuation plans.
  • Be aware of risks such as hypothermia or drowning in the floodwaters.  Your local Red Cross chapter can provide more information on how to prevent these problems.
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