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List of Natural Disaster

Preparedness for Disaster

While many people believe that disaster preparedness is something that only happens in far off cities or countries, having an emergency plan and equipment in place can mean the difference between life and death when a natural disaster strikes. In the even of a natural disaster it is absolutely vital to have a 72-hour survival kit to help you and your family survive until help arrives. Including enough non-perishable food and water as well as other essentials, such as medicines, you may even want to consider creating 72 hour natural disaster preparedness survival kits for your home, office, school and even your car.

Natural Disasters Happen Everywhere


Depending on the area in which you live the type of natural disaster you need to prepare for could be completely different from friends and family in other parts of the country. While many types of natural disasters occur in many areas of the country, such as Flooding, Earthquakes and Wildfires, many types of natural disasters occur in specific areas. From Hurricanes in the Southeastern part of the United States to Volcanoes in the Northwest and Hawaii, every person needs to be as prepared as possible.  Evaluate every situation and determine escape routes and what needs to be in your disaster survival kits or call it Disaster Preparedness Kit if you prefer.  While you want to be prepared no matter where you are, the home is absolutely the first place you should create a natural disaster survival kit with at least the following:


  • 72 Hour Food & Water Supply for each person
  • Flashlights for each person with fresh batteries
  • Extra Batteries
  • Battery Powered radio or television
  • Matches in a waterproof container
  • Basic tool kit with shovel, hammer, wrenches, pliers, etc
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Needles and thread
  • Toilet paper or paper towels
  • Important documents & contacts
  • Cash or traveler’s checks
  • Blankets & bedding
  • Extra clothes & shoes
  • Medicines (especially prescription medications)
  • Entertainment (books, board games, cards)

These are some of the basics you will need for disaster preparedness. While everything on this list is important, food and water are by far the most important things to help ensure your survival after a natural disaster strikes. Whether your disaster preparedness kit is for yourself or your whole office, you want to ensure that everyone has enough food and water to survive for that crucial 72 hour time frame.


Disaster Preparedness on the Road


Unfortunately, natural disasters don’t wait for you to be safely in your home before they strike. This is why having a disaster preparedness kit on hand in your vehicle is important as well. Along with your necessary food and water supply, as well as many of the essentials from your home kit, your automotive survival kit should also include jumper cables, a tire repair kit, leather gloves, reflective safety triangles and more. Check out our selection of Auto Disaster Kits for more information.


Here we carry a great selection of food, water and survival kits for one to 20 persons which will help your family or even your whole office stay prepared. Available in a variety of configurations you will find exactly what you need to be ready for whatever Mother Nature – or even mankind – can throw your way.