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Emergency Food Bars
 emerency food bars

A prudent person will give some thought to survival, especially in uncertain times such are found in much of the world.  When a disaster or emergency occurs, having some emergency food bars on hand can help prevent a problem from becoming even worse.  A very convenient way to provide for a survival food supply, at home, outdoors, or when travelling, is by purchasing emergency food bars.  Mayday Emergency Food Bars have earned a respected name among those concerned with survival, and can provide much needed calories and nutrition when your regular food may be unavailable.  Besides Mayday Bars, Mainstay Emergency Bars are also used by many for their survival fare.

Calories and Nutrition

Both Mayday and Mainstay Emergency Food Bars will provide you and your family with complete nutrition.  They both are vitamin fortified, and as they are dependent mostly on carbohydrates for their substance, will be excellent at providing quick energy should you need it.  This can be very important in a situation where the temperature might be low.  Understanding that an allergy to nuts can cause a serious and life-threatening reaction, both Mayday and Mainstay are formulated without the use of nuts; in fact, and are produced by machinery that has never been used for processing nuts at all.  These bars are vitamin enriched, and one hundred percent of the daily recommended vitamin dosage is included.

Mainstay offers its bars in a more limited choice as regards size.  Mayday, on the other hand, offers bars in a wider assortment of sizes, the smallest being 400 calories.  From there, you can choose between  1200, 2400, and 3600 calorie bars.  This variation will allow you to open only what you will need for a meal, letting the rest of your bars remain fresh.

Taste and Texture

The texture of Mayday and Mainstay Emergency Bars is essentially the same – it is that of a rather crumbly cookie.  Mainstay Bars have a deep scoring on the surface to assist in breaking the bar apart.  The scoring on Mayday Bars is not quite as deep.  Both bars are somewhat dry, but have been formulated not to make you thirsty.

The flavor of Mayday Bars is apple cinnamon, and is very favorably thought of by those who have eaten these bars or used them in a taste test.  Mainstay Bars are also thought to be good, and have a lemon flavor.  An aftertaste was mentioned by those who ate the Mainstay Bars, but no aftertaste was mentioned with Mayday.  Your own personal taste preferences will be your best guide here as regards flavor.

Shelf Life

Mayday and Mayday Bars both have a shelf life of five years, as long as the package has not been opened.  Both products are able to withstand extremes of heat and cold, so can be kept in a car during the summer and winter without losing any nutritional value or taste quality.  Once the package has been opened, the bar will have to be eaten within a fairly short period of time before it begins to spoil.