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Build Your Own Custom Survival Kit

Custom Emergency Supply Kit Due to popular demand - we are now offering you all the survival gear you need to build your own survival kit.

We work hard to ensure we have the latest products available with exceptional pricing and quality you can trust. So make your own survival kit and be prepared for any emergency.
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Waterproof Matches Waterproof Matches - Box of 40
Regular Price: $0.99

3-in-1 Can Opener 3-in-1 Can Opener
Regular Price: $3.49
Work Gloves Heavy Duty Work Gloves Heavy Duty
Regular Price: $3.99
Duct Tape 10 Yards Duct Tape - 10 Yards
Regular Price: $2.75
Shovel (Folding) Shovel - Folding
Regular Price: $11.95
Fuel Tablets Fire Starter
Regular Price: $3.99
14-in-1 Pocket Tool 14-in-1 Pocket Tool
Regular Price: $8.95
The Survival Candle Burns 36 Hrs The Survival Candle
Regular Price: $8.49
Portable Cooking Bag Portable Cooking Bag
Regular Price: $9.97
Survival Knife Survival Knife
Regular Price: $15.45
7-in-1 Survival Whistle 7-in-1 Survival Whistle
Regular Price: $5.99
Hand Chain Saw Hand Chain Saw
Regular Price: $15.95
Safety Goggles Safety Goggles
Regular Price: $2.49
Duct Tape 50 yards Duct Tape - 60 yards
Regular Price: $7.99
Knee Pads Knee Pads
Regular Price: $7.95
Water Preserver 5 Year Water Preserver - 5 Year
Regular Price: $17.95

MAGlite 2D Flashlight MAGlite 2D Flashlight
Regular Price: $29.95
Mayday Emergency Whistle Mayday Emergency Whistle
Regular Price: $6.20
Emergency Solar Blanket Emergency Solar Blanket 84" x 52"
Regular Price: $1.99

Dust Masks Dust Masks
Regular Price: $1.49
2 Gallon Water Bag 2 Gallon Water Bag
Regular Price: $7.95
Personal Hygiene Kit Personal Hygiene Kit
Regular Price: $8.99
Life Pack Emergency Water Filter Life Pack Emergency Water Filter
Regular Price: $39.95

Fire Resistance Document Bag Fire Resistant Document Bag
Regular Price: $12.00
Emergency Cat Food Emergency Cat Food
Regular Price: $4.00
Deluxe Hygiene Kit Deluxe Personal Hygiene Kit
Regular Price: $17.99
Face Masks Face Masks
Regular Price: $11.95
Emergency Dog Food Emergency Dog Food
Regular Price: $4.00
Seychelle Filtration Water Bottle Seychelle Water Bottle
Regular Price: $27.99
Deluxe High Visibility Backpack Deluxe High Visibility Backpack
Regular Price: $29.95

Red Emergency Bag Red Emergency Bag
Regular Price: $17.50
Fuel Tablets Fuel Tablets Pack of 24
Regular Price: $4.95
1 Gallon Bucket - Wise Fire
Super Low Price: $28.99
Nylon Rope Nylon Rope
Regular Price: $7.49
Dynamo Charger Dynamo Charger
Regular Price: $59.99
Remember the basics of survival when thinking about preparing for a disaster:
  1. Water
  2. Non-Perishable High Calorie Food
  3. Radio
  4. Flashlight
  5. First-Aid

On top of our standard Best Selling Emergency Preparedness Kits, you may need specific survival gear to better prepare you for sudden disasters and other unplanned events.