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2012 30-Day Survival Kit Essential

When an emergency hits, we don't always have enough warning to prepare for it. Whether you believe or not, it still makes you think, what if all the electronics suddenly stopped working, an asteroid struck the earth, sunspots erase magnetic stored data or a flu pandemic affected millions, would you be able to survive with what you currently have. Fortunately you have time to prepare.

Even thought the reality of the end of the world occurring in 2012 may seem unlikely, the reality is that we do have disasters that occur periodically. You can prepare for hurricanes, earth quakes, extended power outages or a wide spread pandemic. The primary requirements for survival are food, fuel, water, and shelter.

Basic survival gear for a family of four for 30 days

Find a 3 day Kit
Find a 30 day Kit

Kit should contain the following:

·       Masks with respirators

·       Survival book

·       Folding stove and two 8-ounce cans of Stern fuel

·       Six 9 hour mini candles

·       60 hour pillar candle

·       100 gallon bladder with a siphon pump

·       Camper's shower

·       Filtration system that will filter up to 300 gallons of water

·       Propane heater/cooker and propane cylinders

·       Solar powered multi band and short wave radio with cell phone charger

·       Windup radio and flashlight

·       Collapsible five gallon water containers

·       MRE or other Non-Perishable Foods

·       Two meals per person per day

·       MRE heater

·       120 Light sticks

·       Magnesium fire starters